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An introduction to ANTHEMITY

Europe, who or what are you? A place of multicultural exchange, of cross-fertilisation? Cradle of human rights and democracy? Or just a bureaucratic monster, threatening national sovereignty, and quite pointless in view of globalisation? Is Europe as a political amalgamation paying attention to social aspects? Where will this lead to?

Utopian Europe, as a region of cohabitation, is deep-rooted in symbols. Symbols that manifest the supra-national merging: a common currency, a common flag and a common Anthem of Europe, the Prelude from “Ode to the Joy”, Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Referring to the unspoken motto: „All humans will become brothers”. Our daily life is already using the possibilities of the European Union: we can travel around, sell and buy items, settle and work wherever we want. With a minimum of bureaucratic effort. The European Union as a step forward to a pacifistic and democratic World Union? Or is Brussels a symbol of the post-democratic society, where economics are the new sovereigns? Somewhere in between, the inhabitants of Europe have to position themselves.

The installation ANTHEMITY focuses on the anthem and asks to what extent an European identity might be discovered. For that reason, it is necessary to involve the inhabitants of Europe: All of you – those who have found a home in the European Union, and those of you still looking for a home in the EU, take the European Anthem and inscribe yourself into it. Deconstruct it. Take parts of it, recomplete it, inject missing items or moods...make your own interpretation!
The soundscape project ANTHEMITY is a stage and soundboard for your European vision.